About Us

We strive to provide you with a glimpse of nature at its most relaxing and captivating. A mere hours drive away from the Bandaranaike International Airport, the “Leaf” is a luxurious plantation bungalow situated within an elevated Rubber and Cinnamon plantation, that is managed by the country’s interlocking paving giant SMS Holdings. The environment that envelops all visitors who stay with us, be it within the plantation or beyond, is both physically and mentally relaxing and stimulating. The interior atmosphere of “Leaf” speaks of sophistication and comfort. All areas of the residence are furnished with Wooden furniture, latest equipment, and high-end workmanship to ensure a comfortable and convenient stay. The glimpses of teak and ebony woodgrain on our furniture will make an impression on you the moment you sight the bungalow. As you sink into a lounge chair or take your seat at the dinner table you will be aware of a sense of luxury that comes from the choicest wood.

A TV/Game lounge, indoor bar and swimming pool provide all the amenities needed for a leisurely relaxation. Avid readers will find many nooks and corners to delve into their reading undisturbed.

As you venture outside, the senses are aroused by the magnificent views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. Listen carefully and you will gradually realize that the usual sounds of the city have been replaced by the soothing silence of your natural surroundings. Only an occasional frog croak or bird cry will tell you that you are not entirely on your own.

The plantation itself, with rubber and cinnamon cultivation done on-site, will provide you with a glimpse on how Sri Lanka produces some of the best quality rubber and spice in the world. For those seeking a more physical interaction with nature, a variety of trails for walking, hiking or bicycling are also at hand.

For a more robust experience, journey into the surrounding lands and soak in the culture, history and even more natural wonders of an ancient and historical city in Sri Lanka. Numerous sites of interest with historical significance are waiting to be explored in this city which formed part of the Kingdom of Seethawaka in the 16th century.

The rare combination of informality and luxury is ideal for those looking for a destination to spend their honeymoon or even their second honeymoon. With the attractions we provide, a holiday with us would be calming as well as exciting at the same time.

Come stay with us, and taste this unforgettable cocktail of nature, culture, and luxury.