Exploring the Neighborhood

An outdoor bathing area where water is drawn from deep underground is available at the Leaf. This naturally cooled water offers a unique bathing experience which is only enjoyed in an environment such as this. There are several streams that are easily and quickly accessible for those who prefer a more immersive bathing experience. Some of these are just 5 minutes away. Excursions can also be arranged to two historical sights that sandwich the plantation. The “Yakini gala” and “Pera.....

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Adventurous Cycling

Bicycles are available and we have marked out bicycles trails for the adventurous minded. All of these are accessible within a short distance from the Leaf. For a truly intimate experience of nature, there are several sites where can arrange a camping experience for you overlooking the vast valleys and mountains. Located in a city that has deep roots to the history of this country there are numerous sites of interest linked to the Kings and Colonial powers that presided.....

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Relax with Nature

  The grounds of the Leaf Plantation are thriving with an abundance of flora. Apart from the rubber and cinnamon, one can also enjoy the fruits of mango, cashew nut, jak fruit and Rambutan (similar to Lychees) trees from our own garden. When in season our guests are encouraged to pick the fruits right off the tree and enjoy a fresh taste of organically grown produce. Plant Life Nature Watch The surrounding plants and trees also attract many types of.....

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