Agro Tourism


At our cinnamon and rubber plantation you can study the many activities of a functioning plantation. From tending to the plants to extracting the valuable raw material, we provide an in-depth Agro tourism experience.


The rubber plantation at the Leaf contributes to one of the most significant industries in Sri Lanka. Rubber has a proud place as one of the main traditional exports from this island nation alongside tea and coconut. Although the market conditions for rubber have created a challenging environment for the industry, current rubber production continues to be a critical input for many industries within the country.

The history and expertise of this industry is such that the Rubber Research Institute of Sri Lanka is the oldest in the world. At our plantation we will be able to demonstrate the latest techniques and technology currently devised for rubber cultivation and extraction. You will be able to see and feel what actual rubber and rubber latex feels like during these visits.

From tending to the rubber trees to obtaining the rubber sap and converting it to the raw material that is supplied to the various factories, we can provide you with a first-hand view of the processes involved.


Cinnamon is one of Sri Lanka’s most important spice exports. No surprise that since centuries before the Cinnamon produced here has been coveted the world over. During Dutch rule in the 17th century the Cinnamon output was closely monitored for price control purposes as it was the main cash cow for our former colonial masters.

It is known as the best quality Cinnamon in the world and at the Leaf plantation you can literally touch and taste the quality of this exotic spice whilst also enjoying a hands-on experience of its cultivation and extraction.