Our resident internationally experienced chef is on hand to delight you with traditional Sri Lankan rice and curry dishes as well as a selection of Western dishes of your choice. Working in a thoroughly modern kitchen with state-of-the-art European equipment, our chef will provide a unique insight into the taste and variety of dishes from a Sri Lankan village.

Tongue tingling Rice and Curry dishes filled with spice and nourishment offering a comprehensive view of the wonders of Sri Lankan food. Each dish is prepared to arouse a varying taste whilst perfectly complementing the other.

Classic region specific fare that is not commonly available elsewhere can be enjoyed at the Leaf. Our must-try dishes include black pork curry with manioc and our locally brewed toddy, both of which confirm the close connection we maintain to this region and the surrounding countryside.

We also offer the Western Breakfast mainstays such as Bacon, Eggs, and Toast that is well-known to all. Our kitchen staff will ensure you are spoilt for choice in how you want to eggs done or your sausages fried.

For the comfort food fanatic and meat lover, we offer a variety of soul and stomach satisfying hearty dishes. Be it Fish, Chicken, Beef or Pork, we can curry it, roast it, fry it or BBQ it as per your pleasure. Indulge yourself without any inhibitions in our Chef’s creations during your stay with us.

From garden to table the vegetables used in our preparations are mainly sourced from our own cultivation. This fresh, healthy vegetarian source creates food that is both mouth-watering and wholesome.

We also have facilities and several ideal locations for you to enjoy an outdoor BBQ, which can be set up based on your preferred menu.